The Shop

Av. Dr. Lourenço Peixinho 290, 3800-162 Aveiro

The Shop

Our first shop is located in Aveiro, and it is an inclusive shop (for all people, all races, all genders, all ages, all backgrounds, all economic conditions) which will economically support our climate actions; by generating the necessary funds to do so, but also by becoming a centre where people and projects will have the possibility to connect with us, and between themselves.

We are actively working on creating a community around us by becoming a social hub and a bridge between projects. During our first months of existence, we have been doing many smaller events inside our shop, for example:


We started a good tradition of having workshops every Saturday. We hosted workshops where we invited local people to talk about different matters: how to reuse textiles, debates about being vegan or not, the importance of local farmers, where to buy local, accessible, cheap and sustainable products from the neighbourhood, herbs and its properties, etc;

Cooperation with local NGO's

Together with another local association, we have made an event that lasted a week where each sale superior to five euros was converted on a tree planted. In this way, we helped to plant many trees. We have also given some square metres of our shop to another NGO sell art craft made by people in vulnerable countries, mainly women and children.

Children's Club

Happens in our shop, where mothers and kids can come to be together, read books and talk about sustainability and a better world. Because good books and good poems should belong to any children life.

Upcycling Corner

We are planning to create an Upcycling corner inside our shop, where retired people can come to teach young people how to sew and fix their own clothes.