The Climate Center

The Climate Center

The main goal of mutuus is the creation of a climate centre, which will be a place where people will learn and teach about climate solutions, in practice and theory, where people will come to get the needed tools to adapt efficiently to this climate crisis.

As we projected so far, our centre will be based on five pillars.

Food Souvereignty

Food sovereignty is a food system in which the people who produce, distribute, and consume food also control the mechanisms and policies of food production and distribution. This stands in contrast to the present corporate food regime”. We think that it is a must that people connect again with their local food production and, in mutuus, we want to represent that. This means that one of the pillars of our climate centre will be based on a local food production, through permaculture principles or through more “traditional” farming. Besides that, we would also like to have the time, space and capacity to invest on a project called “Experimentarium”. On the Experimentarium we will try out different ways to grow food – where the main objective is to grow nutritious food in little space – for example, insects, mushrooms, snails, tilapia).

Energy Security

Energy security means the uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price”. Energy availability and access is a quite important in humans daily life, and we want to implement, learn and teach about different ways to produce energy. Bio-gas, solar energy, wind energy, hydropower are all areas that we want to explore, but we also want to have the possibility to explore more alternative ways to produce energy such as human energy as a way to power machines, for instances.

Waste Management

Nature wastes nothing” – and that is how we want to look at this pillar. We think waste means resources and not necessarily mean something useless. We want to learn – and teach – how to transform the “waste” in useful resources. We want to master recycling, upcycling, different ways of composting, ways of using the grey and black waters, how to use animals, such as worms or chicken, to transform the waste in something valuable.

Water Security

Water is essential for life and Portugal will be highly affected by an unbalanced water system, or severe droughts or flooding. We need to find ways how people can adapt to this future reality. Storing and reusing rain water, for instances, explore how to have efficient fog farms or how to make a small scale water purification. This pillar should focus on how to preserve our own water systems, take care of them and ensure water all year long.


We want to make sustainability techniques and knowledge available for all. Unfortunately, in Portugal – and also in Europe – sustainability became a talk within the privileged people: those who have time and money to make the best choices. We don’t think it should be like this. We think that learning and teaching about sustainability is a fundamental step in Fighting Off Climate Change. We want solutions available for all. We want people to come to our Climate Centre, learn with us, and be able to replicate in their own households and cities. We don’t have all the solutions, but we surely want people to see us as a training centre. We envision to run courses and programs for participants who can stay at our property and we envision to provide them with the possibility to have shorter or longer courses. The shorter courses could be about getting some life skills, survival skills, natural disasters rescue skills, first aid skills. The longer courses could be a combination of all smaller courses, or also some deeper knowledge about eco-building or agro-forestry, for example.

We are now at the process of projecting our Climate Centre, and to seriously put our dreams and goals on the table. The world is breaking down and we must act in all ways we can.

Until we don’t have our climate centre open, we are doing what we can with our local community here in Aveiro and since we settled here and started mutuus (September 2022) we have developed many different projects and events.